The Alaskan Scottish Club is a non-profit organization established to promote the Scottish culture, heritage and teachings to the people of Alaska.  We achieve this through events,

workshops, concerts and other social

gatherings in Alaska throughout

the year

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Want to learn more about the Scottish culture? Join the Alaskan Scottish Club! It’s camaraderie, learning and

socializing with a cultural flair.  We host many events that will give you the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the Scottish Culture.

Alaskan Scottish Club Tartan

The Tartan seen at the top of our website is the official "Alaskan Scottish Club” Tartan. It was designed in 1991 by Alice Dillbeck for the Club. It was registered in 2013 with The Scottish Register of Tartans.

Colors: rose reflects a winter sunset on Denali's lofty top, a summer offer of shooting stars, and wild rose hips; green suggests magnificent forests, short stalk sedge, lingonberry, and saxifrage; gold recalls the great North Star, the miners’ golden dream, tamarack, birch, and aspen mirrored in a stream; white the ice, the snow, the lights of the Auroras; blue is for the sky, forget-me-nots, the open sea, the deep cold azure of lakes, the glaciers’ mysterious hue and for the Scottish origins of many Alaskans.
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© 2015 The Alaskan Scottish Club. 

Promoting the Scottish Culture, heritage and teachings to the people of Alaska since 1974


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