Cynthia McMillan 2016 "Scot of the Year"


2016 was a great year for our club. We hosted the International Highland Games which was a 2 day event. Many volunteers were needed for this event. As you know, this club is a volunteer organization. Everyone was there to help, and one person managed to recruit over 60 volunteers. That one person was Cynthia McMillan. Cathy Steen and myself were scrambling to recruit volunteers the weekend before the games, and Cynthia saved the day. She is a new member who really stepped up the game and has been a wonderful supporter of our club. She also organized a Scottish Day at the BP atrium, selling games tickets and raffle tickets while publicizing the games. She has helped in the Clan area, solicited donations for St. Andrews and Burns Nights, and will be in charge of the clan area at this year’s Games. It was my pleasure to present her with the 2016 Scot of the Year Title and the perpetual trophy for this year. Thank you so much, Cynthia! You are an inspiration to all of us. Your smile, energy, and dedication to our club are truly appreciated!


Carl Hild 2015 "Scot of the Year"


Carl Hild (on the right) was awarded the 2015 Scot of the Year award at Burns Night. Carl has served on the Scottish Club Board, and has assisted with athletic events at the Games for a number of years. Additionally, he sculpted and donated the marble trophy the original of which will be awarded to the winner of the IGHF (International Highland Games Federation) 2016 World Heavy Events Championship to be held at this year‟s Alaska Scottish Highland Games, and casts of the trophy will be awarded to the second and third place finishers. 


"Pull" by Carl Hild

Original marble sculpture to be awarded to First Place Finisher at this years International Highland Games.

More information can be found in this months Newsletter, "Tundra Thistle"

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